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Media Cabinets

BDI and Greenington

Choose from the complete line of BDI and Greenington Media Cabinets.

BDI Media Cabinets

Engineered from the inside out.  BDI media furniture offers a unique combination of performance, innovation, and style, anchoring a space for entertainment and hospitality.

Designed to perform. Style blends easily into functionality with innovative features designed to protect, present, and adapt to your home theater system for years to come.

Selecting the Perfect Media Furniture

Everything you need to consider when you’re considering media furniture. From style to features to accessibility and adaptability, your choice of TV furniture requires as much thought as your electronics.

But your media system is more than just a collection of electronic devices. It’s important that the furniture that houses your system is engineered to protect and present your investment for years to come.

Whether you are an audiophile with a taste for vintage 45’s or a widescreen enthusiast living out loud in surround sound, how do you determine which furniture is going to match the needs of your system and your style?


Greenington Media Cabinets

GREENINGTON. Crafted in solid bamboo, a sustainable, earth friendly, and rapidly renewable resource.  Variation in grain and color enrich the natural beauty of bamboo furniture and make each piece unique. Slight differences in bamboo shade colors are signs that the furniture has been crafted from solid bamboo and is considered a benchmark of quality.

Rowan — 2 Models and 2 Colors
Currant — 2 Models and 2 Colors
Aurora — 1 Model