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SKOVBY “SM63” Dining Chair

Ergonomically correct dining chair with an amazing seating comfort

Skovby #63 dining chair with an amazing seating comfort. The #63 dining chair is designed to match the dining tables Skovby #26 and Skovby #27, but does of course match other Skovby tables as well.

The ergonomically correct, upholstered back of the Skovby #63 dining chair provides an amazing seating comfort and makes it pleasant to be seated at the dining table even after some time.

The Skovby chairs are ergonomically designed to offer the best possible comfort and comply with the most stringent international regulations. All our chair designs are regularly tested at “The Danish Furnituremakers’ Quality Control”, where among other rigorous tests they are subjected to 50,000 tilting pressures. Our chairs are therefore categorized to be within the highist quality level for dining room chairs.

Price: $389

Product #67122, 47171, 67118, 64633, 57131


  • Depth: 21.3"
  • Height: 34.6"
  • Width: 18.7"

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