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Scan Design Furniture stocks a complete line of dining furniture from Skovby, Sun Cabinet, Mobital, Amisco, Elite Modern, and Greenington.

Skovby Dining

100 % Danish Design

Skovby furniture builds on 85 years of experience with furniture production, as well as, holding a solid, strong opinion on raw materials, production, and design. Skovby furniture is produced in Denmark. In fact, this company is 100 % danish.

The profile is well-thought-out and timeless, while incorporating lasting designs with international appeal. Skovby produces functionally designed furniture, which allows for high functionality using simplicity and clean lines. These designs unite functionality with aesthetics, in addition to setting the agenda for functional dining tables.

Skovby furniture is based on working methods which support uncompromising craftsmanship, people, and the environment.

Sun Cabinet

Sun Cabinet produces a complete line of Scandinavian Design inspired dining furniture. Each piece of furniture is precisely crafted and finished by hand, in addition to being primarily solid teak.

Mobital Dining

Mobital is a Canadian company whose dining furniture follows fashion-forward trends. In fact, their furniture is inspired by modern and contemporary designs using glass, ceramics, and metals.

Amisco Dining

Also a Canadian company, Amisco is based out of Quebec. They takes great pride in designing and producing residential furniture great for all ages.

This company features the latest design innovations. For instance, their stools, chairs, tables, and dinette sets are ideal for easy living. Every piece is exceptionally comfortable, superbly finished, durable, and backed by worry-free after-sale support.  In particular, Amisco is prided to be a outlet for creativity when it comes to furniture. Their high-quality pieces are customizable to fit each individual’s needs.

Elite Modern

Elite utilizes a sophisticated combination of materials, including brushed stainless steel, powder coated metals, solid woods, and veneers. Not only are all these materials available in numerous finish options, but their products are also enhanced through a multitude of fabrics, leathers, and ultrasuede choices.


Go With Bamboo.  Live with Sustainability

Greenington’s fine bamboo furniture has quickly risen to the top of the industry. It is known for its enduring beauty, style, and quality.